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Everest Wireless Network Pvt.Ltd. a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that was formed in 2016 and has since shown the fastest growth and attained a high level of customer confidence to become the preferred and the leading ISP in Nepal. This milestone has been achieved through a focused and dedicated approach to provide an efficient and unmatched level of customer support.

We are entirely focused on the effective customer support and service mechanism. Since customer satisfaction is our first priority we have put into effect to be a better service provider using the latest technology under supervision of its excellently experienced engineers serving our large number of customers. We are constantly developing our team to generate innovative packages and provide new and affordable product and service to our valuable customers creating even more compelling arguments for our existence.

With our inclination towards the motto of “Connecting Everyone, Everywhere All the Time”, we aim to provide reliable services that are carefully analyzed while meeting the actual demand of the customers. Our main strategy is to have best people, best equipments, and follow global standards to establish our company on a global market to understand the customer’s need and provide the best solutions and service as per clients requirement.

Today Everest has over 1000 + Wireless and Hotspot customers, which includes customers from all the segments like Government, NGOs and INGOs, Banking and Insurance, Hydro Power, Co-operatives, Manufacturing. Our primary sources of revenue are residential broadband Internet, dedicated enterprise Internet, and data connectivity.

Our Team

Mr. Basant Oli


Mobile: 9802536628

Mr. Dhiraj Bohara


Mobile: 9802536695

Mr. Dharma Raj Khadka

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mobile: 9802536627

Mr. Ram Bahadur Katuwal

IT Department Head

Mobile: 9802536628

Mr. Ajaya Sharma

IT Manager

Mobile: 9802536629

Mr. Yusin Chaudhari

Ast. IT Manager

Mobile: 9802536699

Mr. Udaya Ram BK

IT Manager

Mobile: 9802536638

Mr. Ashish Sapkota

IT Manager

Mobile: 9802536690

Mr. Bishnu Paudel

Customer/Network Support Administrator

Mobile: 9802536635

Mr. Santosh Kalukunda

Customer/Network Support Administrator

Mobile: 9802536696

Mr. Amar Chaudhary

Senior Technician

Mobile: 9802546749

Mr. Bikram Oli

Senior Technician

Mobile: 9802536637

Mr. Dambar Datta Bhatta

Senior Technician

Mobile: 9802536640

Mr. Arjun BK

Senior Technician

Mobile: 9802536639

Mr. Krishna Bahadur BK (Bishnu)


Mobile: 9849490686

Mr. Bipan Kumar Sharma


Mobile: 9802545750

Mr. Nirak Hiski


Mobile: 9802545749

Mr. Amit Ojha


Mobile: 9802536692

Mr. Rohit Pandey


Mobile: 9802536693

Mr. Laxman Sisal


Mobile: 9812608456

Mr. Ramesh BK


Mobile: 9800673712

Mr. Arjun Rana

Helper Technician (Fiber+Wireless)

Mobile: 9802536691

Mr. Ram Pandey

Senior Technician

Mobile: 9848333002

Mr. Pramod Kawar

Branch Manager (Dang)

Mobile: 9802536380

Mr. Lokendra Kandel

Branch Manager (Mahendranagar)

Mobile: 9802536630

Mr. Ram Bahadur BK

Branch Manager (Dailekh)

Mobile: 9802536626

Mr. Deepak Raj Bista

Account Head

Mobile: 9802536634

Mr. Suman Bista


Mobile: 9802536636

Mis. Radha Pandey

Assitant Accountant

Mobile: 9844857712

Mr. Chakra Bahadur Shahi


Mobile: 9864362349

Mr. Dal Bahadur Shahi


Mobile: 9866169642




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